About Us

Giuseppe, Founder of NoPhysical.Shop

Hi, my name is Giuseppe. Originally from Italy, I now live & work in Los Angeles.

For the most part, we all live in a digital world and, for that reason, there is no need for a physical shop anymore. That was the true inspiration for the name of our business: NoPhysical.Shop - straight to the point!

Our intent is to research products that solve a problem... no matter how small or big that is. Innovation is at the core of the product research we conduct. Technology, ingenuity, craft & design are elements we truly care about in the way we live our life. Naturally, we are drawn towards products that fall under those categories. 

Upon finding products that meet our expectations, we go through a process of testing, reviewing and quality assurance to make sure we curate the best products for our customer... and offer them at the lowest price possible.